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Tredegar Lodge 1625 is an old and prestigeous Freemasons Lodge which meets at Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street, London.
The Lodge holds regular meetings on weekdays in February, March, October and December in the late afternoon.
Tredegar Lodge is the daughter lodge of the Merchant Navy Lodge No:781 (Merchant Navy Lodge in turn a daughter Lodge of Eastern Star Lodge No:95) and takes it's name form Tredegar Square in London's East End. 
The way in which a Masonic meeting is undertaken has evolved since the first Lodges were formed in the early 1700s, into many different ways of doing things. These different ways are called workings. Tredegar practices it's own workings which are unique to only two Lodges, namely Tredegar and its daughter Lodge, New Tredegar No:7130.
We have members from all age spectrums of Freemasonry with regular new membership from both those new to Freemasonry, who may be a little unsure of what to expect and those who wish to join from other Lodges, who have years of valuable experience and knowledge.
Tredegar is well known for it's friendly welcoming atmosphere and our visitors often return on a regular basis. Indeed it is sometimes hard to tell our visitors from our members as some hardly miss any of our meetings at all.
If you would like details of any of our functions such as Ladies Weekends and other events please check our NEWS or specific associated page. For those who may be interested in gaining more information with a view to entering Freemasonry please take a look at our FACTS page and if more details are then required please contact our Secretary at where answers to your queries and questions can be addressed.
Thank you for visiting our site,
W.Bro. Alf Prodger SLGR (Tredegar Lodge 1625 Secretary 2014)